MOJO Advanced Rinse Aid


Image of MOJO Advanced Rinse Aid

Speed up the drying process and help to prevent watermarks whilst creating a gloss finish for your vehicle. Mojo Advanced Rinse Aid does an incredible job with minimal effort. With plenty of ways to apply, you can even dilute 100:1 to provide fantastic results!

Directions for Use:
Ensure the vehicle has been washed (either of Mojo's shampoos do a fantastic job). Before you start drying, simply add 4-5 capfuls of our Advanced Rinse Aid to a bucket of water and pour over the car surface.

Alternatively, add around 10ml to a litre of water in a pump sprayer and apply.

Finally, wipe with a drying cloth to reveal an exceptional shine.

Bottle Size | 500ml
Scent | Lemon Meringue