MOJO Tyre Dressing


Image of MOJO Tyre Dressing

Tried a tyre dressing before but disappointed as the shine fades as soon as your drive or when the rain appears? Haven’t we all! That’s why Mojo have developed an awesome tyre dressing using a careful selection of the finest ingredients that makes the dressing easy to apply, provides an impressive finish and is formulated to last.

Directions for Use:
Give your tyres a slick shine that’ll last with Mojo's carefully formulated dressing!

Make sure the tyres are clean and completely dry before applying our dressing. Add a small amount to an applicator and apply a thin, even layer. Once applied, allow to dry before driving to minimise the risk of sling.

If you need to dash before the dressing is dry, gently wipe down each tyre beforehand.

Do not apply on tyre tread or braking surfaces.

Bottle Size • 500ml